Natural Cowhide Luxurious Hair On Cushion/ Pillow Cover 34


Length: 15" (35 cm) Approx.

Width : 15" (35 cm) Approx.


Carefully Hand-cut & cleaned ourselves. Professionally tanned and fully-cured with 1st quality products and exclusives techniques. Backing: Soft Artificial Leather, Back zipper (High Quality). Care: Most surface dirt can be removed by gentle wiping with a clean, damp cloth. All issues with Cushion / Pillow are showing in the picture please consider this factor before buying.

PRODUCTION INFORMATION: This is a stunningly gorgeous Cowhide cushion cover. Especially colour treated cowhide is used to accentuate the patterns in this item. The missing cow hair and dark cowhide base add to the chic western antique look. This is cowhide Leather on one side of the Cushion and the other side is totally with Artificial Leather. The hair is silky & shiny and the colour is without stains.


Material: 100% Natural Cowhide Cushion Cover / Hair On

Condition: BRAND NEW (never used or stepped in)

Colour: Multi-Coloured