Cowhide Rug Cowhide Skin Natural Leather Black & White Area Rug Animal print-2283

Cowhide Rug Cowhide Skin Natural Leather  Black & White Area Rug Animal print-2283
This is a 100% Natural Cowhide Leather Skin. Celestial Leather handpicked hair-on leather rugs are characterized by a warm soft feel and unique pattern. Our skins and rugs are easy to care for, being an excellent choice for busy households while adding character and style. With a large range of sizes and colours that would fit in every home décor they can be a great gift choice to anyone without breaking the bank. The skins in our stock are by-products from the food market. Naturally these skins might contain some imperfections as scars, hair loss, bald patches or holes occurred throughout the manufacturing process and they cannot be classified as defects. Although we put all effort in photographing each skin individually and present these imperfections, when confusion still exists regarding the presence or not of these imperfections on the skin of your choice, please get in touch, we will be more than happy to provide you with extra details or/and pictures so you can make an informed purchase. You will be receiving the exact rug as in the pictures unless otherwise advised before delivery. SIZE: LENGTH = 51" OR 129 CM WIDTH =53" OR 132 CM TOTAL =18.50 SQUARE FEET (APPROX.) IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please note that this hide might contain some imperfections. All the imperfections ( holes, patched holes, hair loss, scars etc) are carefully photographed to show our buyers all the aspects of the hide. Please take a good look at the pictures before committing to purchase.

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