Cowhide Rug, Natural Leather, Tri Colour, Area Rug, Animal Print, A2138

Cowhide Rug Black & Beige 4.30 ft X 4.30 ft High Quality Natural Cowhides Same as Pic Hair On LARGE Floor Rugs Natural Cow hide Rugs home décor - CA-2138 Material : 100% Original Cowhide Leather Colour : Tri - Colour ( Black & Beige) Size : 4.30 ft X 4.30 ft - Approx. 19 - 20 sq. Ft PRODUCTION INFORMATION: This is a 100% Natural Cowhide Leather Rug. Celestial Leather hair on hide leather is characterized by a very warm and soft feel. It is particularly suitable for demanding customers who are looking for a distinctive grain pattern, a natural leather texture and vibrant natural features of value. They fit beautifully on every kind of environment, classic or modern and are themselves alone a precious element of home design. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please note that this hide might contain some imperfections. All the imperfections ( holes, patched holes, hair loss, scars etc) are carefully photographed to show our buyers all the aspects of the hide. Please take a good look at the pictures before committing to purchase.